2 – Ordinary

When I tell people I have a blog titled Ordinary Creativity, I see their brain-wheels turn, fueled by furrowed brows.

No one has trouble with the creativity part; everyone wonders about the ordinary.

The picky outer hull around ordinary has negative aspects – plain, not exceptional, boring, somewhat inferior.

But don’t miss the chestnut inside:

  • usual
  • customary
  • normal
  • commonplace
  • and “of a kind to be expected from the average person in the normal course of events.”1

Combine the above description of ordinary with creativity and suddenly… everyone is creative!

Ordinary Creativity is…

  • accessible to everyone,
  • not ostentatious or highfalutin,
  • attainable,
  • practical and practicable,
  • part of daily life.2

I am an ordinary girl.  My perspective is often a little different – but that makes me unique and individual, not extraordinary.

Creativity is not reserved for the mythic super-talented elite.

Creativity is commonly encountered.

Creativity is ordinary.  And within your grasp.


You may also want to check out (not) so ordinary, part 1.                          (I haven’t written part 2, yet.  When I do, I’ll add a link here.)

1. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law, © 1996 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

2. The root of ordinary is the same Latin word for a day’s wages: denarius.


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  1. […] happens all around us.  In that sense it is ordinary – used by, and available to, us […]

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