1 – Creativity

The second part of the title – CREATIVITY – is the subject of this blog because

Everyone.  Is.  Creative.


That established, the purpose of this blog is to:

  • enable you to believe that you are creative and that creativity is not the privilege of a chosen few
  • empower you to regain and exercise your innate creativity
  • encourage you with ideas, information, and activities to build and strengthen your creativity muscle

Creativity Defined

  • Creativity is doing something in a new or different way and is similar to problem solving.  In fact, most creative ideas are born in the shadow of a challenge, problem, or issue.
  • Creativity applies to every area of life, not just the arts.
  • Most creativity fits into four main sub-groups:
  1. Rearranging – taking common knowledge and combining it in a new way (like using garments in a wardrobe to make new outfits, rearranging furniture in a room, recombining basic economic principles to create a new business model, and selecting colors for a new pallet).
  2. Combining – adding ideas together from unrelated idea pools (fruit and cola to invent Cherry Coke, punk rock and the Red Russian Army Choir to form the Leningrad Cowboys, and swimming in winter to either catch pneumonia or create a Polar Bear Club).
  3. Imagination – forming ideas seemingly from nowhere while daydreaming, imagining, and thinking (the lamppost vision that began C. S. Lewis’ the Chronicles of Narnia, the way VanGogh imagined light, and the melody line for Yesterday that came to Paul McCartney in a dream).
  4. Interpretation – using someone else’s idea and modifying it (the viola da gamba developed into the violin, West Side Story came from Romeo and Juliet, prepaid phone cards were an offshoot of the credit card, and various technological inventions gave rise to the microchip, which, in turn gave rise to everything from laptops, to cell phones, to pet location chips).

Our world depends on creativity.  Without innovation the arts would slip away into meaningless repetition, business would tank, and technology would be reduced to silicon games.  Creativity is crucial to culture, business, and industry.  The transformation from a verbally-driven society in which language reigned, into our current world, whose foundation is constructed of ideas, is dependent on constant innovation.  Creativity has always been important, but never more indispensable than here at the beginning of the third millennium where innovation affects every facet of life.

Perhaps this blog will contribute to this process in some small way.


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  1. […] This blog is devoted to the truth that everyone is creative. […]

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