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Creative Rhythm Reset

August 8, 2015


Creativity concentration. When faced with a creative challenge or artistic task, I go into tunnel-vision concentration mode. All else fades away and falls off the to do list.

But everything I notice on the periphery gets stored somewhere in my head!

As soon as the Big Deal is over, my mind takes a short respite, then the Great Reset begins. Off I go, working on all the items that appeared to have lain dormant. Like…

  • Changing the light bulb that burned out last week
  • Sweeping the wood splinters from playful doggies’ chewing session off the patio
  • Gathering framing supplies from every flat surface in the house and returning them to their homes
  • Doing the laundry… and taking the time to hang it outside in the sunshine
  • Standing (still!) in the sunshine and looking at the curly clouds
  • Cleaning out the rotting cilantro from the refrigerator, and remembering to eat
  • Writing a blog post
  • And more

The Big Deal provided energy and creative passion and thorough enjoyment.

The Reset calms my heart, restores perspective, and prepares my soul (and space) for the next Big Deal!


Can you relate? How does the rhythm of your creative flow work? Please share— I have much to learn from you, my creative friends!


Everyone is creative

June 30, 2012

This blog is devoted to the truth that everyone is creative.

I don’t mean everyone is artsy, or wears her favorite colors (all of them at the same time!), loves the smell of paint, or lives a Gypsy lifestyle.

I mean everyone has the capacity to see things in a new way; or get from A to Q more quickly; or figure out how to make the project happen with limited resources.

Creativity happens all around us.  In that sense it is ordinary – used by, and available to, us all.

Creativity is so much more than artistic talent.

Our society is just beginning to understand this.  Think: Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, George Washington Carver.  Each one faced a challenge, assessed his situation, and took action toward a solution.

Every person on this planet does this.

In its most basic form, creativity = problem solving.

Creativity can be taught and learned.

One’s creative capacity can be enlarged.


So please share–

How are you creative?

What challenges are you facing?

What creative solutions have you discovered?

How has someone creatively inspired you?


Ready to go!

May 30, 2012

The framework to launch ordinarycreativity is finally done.

The journey has been much like pregnancy and birth.  The gestational period was about 18 months, so this should be a really big baby!

Would you take a few minutes to read the three pages (links on the bottom right) and let me know what you think?  Specifically,

  • What articles would you like to see?
  • Do you think I am full of fluff and hot air?
  • Do you have any creative challenges that need some help?
  • Do you have an idea you would like to contribute?

One more question: I put a lot of thought into choosing the banner photo.  What do you see in it relating to creativity?

My files hold over 100 article ideas for this blog.

I’ll get right on that…

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