3 – Categories Explained

To simplify your search for posts on this blog, descriptions of the categories I use are below.  Breaking creativity into categories is a bit challenging since there is so much overlap, but I think the following broad divisions will be helpful in taming the creativity chaos.

Creative Process – Studying and understanding the creative process has demystified how creativity works and unlocked its secrets for me.  As I understand better how the process works, I can be more creative.  And who doesn’t want that?!?  Scientists have reduced the process to four distinct stages.  Posts in this category will look at the Four Stages and provide exercises to build the creative muscle in order to get to the elusive “AHA!” moments more quickly and with greater frequency.

Divine Creativity – In the first chapter of Genesis, the Bible tells us that God created the world.  Before anything is said about God being faith, hope, or love, we are introduced to Him as Creator.  The logical progression of the first two chapters is very interesting:  God is Creator; God made us in His image; Therefore, we are creative!  Personally, everything I do flows out of the relationship I have with my Creator, especially creating.  This category will include devotionals, short Bible study lessons, prayers, and other posts that encourage you to collaborate with God and allow Him to create through you.

Efficient Systems – Simplicity is a close cousin to creativity.  Once a problem or challenge is seen for what it is, the solution is simple.  Or to say it another way, finding order within a system leads to efficiency, which leads to more free time… and that means more time for creating!  Household organization keeps me sane, my supplies organized, and systems in place so I have some margin in my life.

Events – This category will provide links to workshops, conferences, webinars, and other events about creativity.

Friendology – Although I like to make stuff, I don’t usually make things without someone else in mind.  In fact lately, I’ve been making gifts that encourage relationships between friends.  A friend saw a couple of these and commented, “You’re a Friendologist!”  I love that!  And I love creating things that connect people on a deeper level!

GalleryThere will be times I won’t provide detailed instructions but still want to share photos of my (and others’) work.

Gifts and Crafts – When we were first married I had to make the gifts we gave for Christmas, birthdays, and weddings.  Recently, there are times we give a purchased gift, but I much prefer to give something handmade.

Home – My home is my creativity laboratory.  Cooking, redecorating, raising children, and even cleaning have provided lots of challenges requiring me to look at the situation differently.  Working within (or withOUT) a budget has played a large part in forcing a creative solution out of the status quo and building my creative muscles.

Kids – Children still react to life creatively, and sometimes it takes extra ideas to stay ahead of them.

Language – Another title for this category would be The Grammar Police.  Blogging and the Internet have enabled us all to get away with syntax murder.  Crimes will be exposed, and justice will be administered-hopefully with grace and tongue-in-cheek.

My Maxims – My mom and grandma taught me by example and in conversation ways of simplifying, working smarter (not harder), and figuring out how to get the desired results we sought.  I have combined their wisdom with lessons I’ve learned and developed them into My Creativity Maxims.

Ordinary Creativity – Visit the two tabs dedicated to these two words for my perspective on each.  The tabs are brief definitions, but there is much more to say on the subject.

Originality – When I was a young girl I seldom played with my toys the way there were intended to be played with.  I turned a Tonka truck upside down and into a doctor’s bag.  A baby doll cradle flipped over became a wild animal cage complete with a counter top for selling circus tickets.  I even convinced my mom to hang my wallpaper sideways because I liked the design better that way.  Today, I still do this!  Sometimes the possibilities drive me crazy!  With a little lace and a ruffle a jean jacket is transformed into Bohemian fashion.  Two purchased bookshelves become an office hutch when a board is laid across their tops and covered with a lace tablecloth.  This category is about using an item for its intended purpose but giving it some personality, or completely changing its original function.

Repurposing – I used to call this reusing, and I’ve fought the term for quite awhile on the grounds that the Green Movement was just trying to be clever.  I’ve decided, however, that repurposing is a term worth embracing since it means giving an item new life (instead of throwing it away or recycling it).  Repurposing is different for simply reusing an item for the same purpose again.  For example, using an old cardboard box to hold items would be reusing it, while cutting windows in the sides and making it into a playhouse would be repurposing it.  This is also different from recycling, since recycling means that the original item is reduced to its raw material, in the case of the box- paper pulp, and made into a completely new item, like paper towels.

Resources – My favorite books, videos, and blogs that inspire and challenge me; and my favorite creative products.

Social Creativity – Creating in community adds another aspect and dimension beyond each of ourselves.  We learn from, encourage, and support one another in our creative endeavors.  Here you will find descriptions and contact info for creative groups, and curriculum and ideas for using with groups.

Worship – One of my day jobs is heading up the creative arts ministry.  When our pastor gives me the outline for an upcoming sermon series we look it over, pray, and ask God for creative elements to communicate His Truth and support the pastor’s sermons.  Everything is always “on the table” including stage design, announcement sheet covers, background slides on the project screens, dramas, videos, songs, spoken word pieces, foyer art, and more.  The posts in this category will be both how-to instructions for recreating elements, and also photos and articles to spark creativity for the church setting.

Writing – This category seems a little out-of-place next to the rest, but writing is also creativity at work- with words.  I write a poem much the same way as I sew a quilt.  I consider what I’m trying to say, gather bits that will help me communicate my idea, and put them together in a pleasing arrangement.  I use the same process for writing a post for my ordinarygirl blog and writing a song.  I will also share from my collection of quotes written by others under this category.


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