Part 7: Back to the Garden

September 20, 2012

(This is the seventh and final post in a series of articles entitled DIVINE CREATIVITY that will present a Biblical apologetic and study on why people are creative. This series contains Scripture passages to read and questions to answer.  Recording your insights in a creative journal may be a valuable exercise.)

We have just two short chapters in the Bible describing life as God meant it to be.  And creating the world is simply the great canvas for the real story: the idyllic relationship between Creator God and those made in His image as they reveled in His Creation.  Working together naming the animals, caring for the garden, and bringing Eve to life was the beginning of something wonderful.  God devised the creative process and the creation for the same purpose— to spend time with those He made in eternal relationship.

God continues to use His Creation to draw us toward Himself.  Majestic mountain ranges, delicate spring flowers, powerful lightning– all display their Maker’s glory, declaring who He is, and giving us reason to relate to Him as we observe creation.

The same is true for the works He creates through us.  Each piece of art is a potential transcendent portal for the audience to be carried into another dimension to which our physical existence can’t take us. 

The art, the finished product, however, is only one half of the opportunity for fellowship with the Master Artist.  When we create with God, when we allow Him to guide each creative decision, each stroke of the brush, each pen scratch, He is there communing with us.  On composing Messiah in 1741, George Frideric Handel remarked, “I did think I did see all Heaven before me and the great God Himself!”[1]

In contrast the first big sadness in the Bible is when God calls out to Adam and Eve, “Where are you?”  The anguish God must have experienced at that moment when the relationship was broken between Him and His beloved was no less deep than when Jesus hung on the cross, forsaken by His Father.

Our Creator’s greatest joy is for us to commune with Him.  He designed creation and the creative process to spend time with us, His image bearers, His creative assistants.  While we can no longer physically walk with Him in the cool of the Garden, we can return there in spirit as we create together, side-by-side, works imbued with His power that will draw men and women to Him for His glory.

>>Go commune with Him as you create side by side with the One who created you with inherent creativity.  Revel in the process and the relationship!
This is the last post in this series.  Please leave a comment about any post or all seven.  Thanks for journeying with me.

[1] Smith, Jane Stuart, and Carlson, Betty, A Gift of Music, Great Composers and Their Influence, Good News Publishers, 1978, p.59.


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