Part 2: Image Bearers

July 25, 2012

(This is the second in a series of several articles entitled DIVINE CREATIVITY that will present a Biblical apologetic and study on why people are creative. This series contains Scripture passages to read and questions to answer.  Recording your insights in a creative journal may be a valuable exercise.)

>>Apply the Principle of Repetition and The Law of First Mention (both explained in Part I) as you read Genesis 1:26-27.   What is repeated?  What is important about the first mention of people?

Creating man and woman was the pinnacle of God’s creative week.  The Creator created us (repeated four times).  There are many implications to this foundational concept, but we will leave that for another time and move on to the next truth God reveals in these verses, as it is especially important to us as artists.  God created us in His image (also repeated four times).

Arranging the previous ideas into an informal logical syllogism we have:

  • God is Creator.
  • God created us in His image.
  • Therefore, we are creative.

Taking the conclusion one step further:

  • As we exercise our creative gifts, we bear God’s image.
  • As we are true to who God created us to be, which in large part includes being creative, we, and by extension, our art, reflect the One in whose image we are made.

>>What do these concepts mean for your relationship with God, for you as an artist, and for your art?

Next week: God’s Creative Process

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