Everyone is creative

June 30, 2012

This blog is devoted to the truth that everyone is creative.

I don’t mean everyone is artsy, or wears her favorite colors (all of them at the same time!), loves the smell of paint, or lives a Gypsy lifestyle.

I mean everyone has the capacity to see things in a new way; or get from A to Q more quickly; or figure out how to make the project happen with limited resources.

Creativity happens all around us.  In that sense it is ordinary – used by, and available to, us all.

Creativity is so much more than artistic talent.

Our society is just beginning to understand this.  Think: Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, George Washington Carver.  Each one faced a challenge, assessed his situation, and took action toward a solution.

Every person on this planet does this.

In its most basic form, creativity = problem solving.

Creativity can be taught and learned.

One’s creative capacity can be enlarged.


So please share–

How are you creative?

What challenges are you facing?

What creative solutions have you discovered?

How has someone creatively inspired you?


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