A Cup a Day

June 20, 2012

Design a work of art on a common coffee cup and use it for a caffeine and creative boost

(Bonus: You’ll always know which cup is yours!)


(The following is one of the projects from the Halcyon Arts Creative Room during The Creative Church Conference. Click on the photos to go to the artists’ sites.)


Artist Gwyneth Leech creates intricate paintings and drawings on used coffee cups. Since September of last year, Leech has been filling the Sprint Prow ArtSpace at the Flatiron Building in Manhattan with hundreds of coffee cup artworks (more than 700 at last count). She worked in the art space Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 2pm, while the exhibit was open. The project, entitled HYPERGRAPHIA closed February 18, 2012.  Her installation can be seen with 8 other artists in Luxuriant Refuse at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Art in Houston, Texas.


Hypergraphia by Gwyneth Leech

Gwyneth Leech’s show in The Prow


Cup(s) of the Day #106 – Gwyneth Leech
Watercolor on used paper coffee cups


Ideas for making your own art coffee (tea, or water) cup

  • Think in-the-round, so your design flows seamlessly around the cup
  • Plan out your design on paper, or jump in and let your design unfold
  • Look at Boey’s and Leech’s work for inspiration
  • Stick with black-line, or add color if you wish
  • Start with color instead of a line drawing
  • If you chose styro, push into the material with a fingernail to add dimension
  • Use other art supplies and materials to add to your cup



  • what God has been revealing to you
  • your favorite Scripture
  • today (visual journal)
  • new relationships
  • an idea that has been floating around in your heart for awhile


i am the one who knocks – Cheeming Boey


canabalt (6) – Cheeming booey



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